Protecting Eve (DVD)


Session One: Crocodile Tears Or Genuine Brokenness

What is the difference between a genuinely broken man and one who just wants things to be OK again? What is the difference between the man who repeats the cycle of Sexual sin—-“I’m sorry, I’ll try harder”–Pressure mounts—-then Sexual sin, once again” versus one who breaks free and finds freedom? How can he, or his wife, tell whether he is genuinely broken or if he just wants her to “get over it” so his pain will lessen? How can someone move from crocodile tears to genuine brokenness?

Session Two: The Stupidity Of Sexual Methadone

One of the most damaging myths in the sexual arena is that a wife can make her husband OK or even faithful by her sexual availability. After all, “If I‘m meeting his needs, he won‘t look elsewhere.” Darrell debunks this myth and addresses the critical question of what a wife can do to help her husband in his battle for sexual integrity while protecting her own heart in the process.

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“Protecting Eve” is Darrell’s newest teaching recently filmed. It is a two session seminar for men and women. The first session: “The Stupidity of Sexual Methadone” looks at an incredibly common and damaging myth in the world and unfortunately in many Christian circles. The second session: “Crocodile Tears or Genuine Brokenness” addresses the question of “How do I know if he is (or I am) genuinely broken or just sorry for the consequences?” as well as “How does a man move from crocodile tears to Godly sorrow that leads to repentance?”


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